in 2013, Sandy and Dave Freeman opened Hub City Ice Cream Company in what was once the Marshfield Dogs N’ Suds location on the south side of the city. They envisioned a place where families and friends could gather, talk, and enjoy something special. In an interview with Hub City Times in 2014, Sandy stated, “We wanted to open a place where families can go to socialize and sit. It seemed like other communities had a local ice cream place, and we wanted that in Marshfield.”

Through their 9 years in business, Sandy and Dave were very community-minded, noting that the business was not about making money, but about giving back to the community. The Freemans were generous sponsors of many local family and youth focused organizations. One of the highlights for the community was the December fundraisers at Hub City Ice Cream Company , where various youth organizations used the building to sell ice cream and baked goods during the Rotary Winter Wonderland lights displays.

In 2022, Hub City Ice Cream Company transitioned to Jennifer and Thomas Witzel. As “caretakers” of a Marshfield institution, they are continuing the same vision and mission of the business that the founders embraced, providing a family-friendly location were people can gather for a sweet treat and great conversation. It has been fun seeing groups gather inside or out and talk for hours.

Hub City Ice Cream continues to be a special destination for many in the community, as well as visitors. Open from the beginning of April through the end of September, many people enjoy finishing a day of fun at Vandehey Waters Aquatic Center or Wildwood Park and Zoo by stopping in for some premium Wisconsin-made ice cream. Many more enjoy grabbing some ice cream and sitting outside to watch the annual Fourth of July Fireworks from the deck. We invite you to try it too!